About us

At Activities Phones we make it our mission to provide the best quality bad credit mobile phone contracts and handsets in the United Kingdom today. We do this by constantly looking for viable contracts from mobile service providers that we then turn into bad credit phone contract options.

Together with our suppliers, we have sourced a range of contract options to suit most people’s needs. Not only that but no matter what specific handset you are looking for, we can provide it for you, just as long as you can afford the contract attached to it.

Even if you do not want a handset, we offer bad credit sim deals where you can secure a contract and receive just a sim card for your personal use. These are a much cheaper option.

Even if you are not sure what phone you would prefer, our specialized staff will not only guide you to the best handset for your distinct needs but also ensure, perhaps more importantly, that your new bad credit mobile phone contract remains affordable.

With over a decade experience in the mobile phone field, of which 5 years have been spent offering bad credit mobile phone contracts, you can rest assured that we have our customers at heart. We want to not only provide you with a mobile phone contract but we want you to get your credit rating problems under control. By taking out a bad credit mobile phone contract and paying it off over 24 months without defaulting, you can make a massive start.

Nowadays, a mobile phone is simply a necessity. Certainly, if you are a student or have your own business, you cannot be without a phone. Even a housewife can make use of a mobile daily. So don’t let your bad credit hold you back, even if you are embarrassed about it. We know you have been rejected time and time again by regular mobile phone contract providers. Rest assured, that if you come to us for a bad credit mobile phone contract, you, like 99% of our other clients will get approval in a matter of minutes. Not only that, but you will have a new handset in your hands within a maximum of 24 hours.

Don’t delay, contact us today and let us help you!